Invasion day memorial.

Invasion day memorial.

January 26 1808 was the commencement of the rum rebellion. The day the criminals took control of Australia,


                   The Judiciary is born of a genocide.                                               Heal this nation with a Treaty                                  Show respect for family and community in our law.

The issue of Australia day is not about changing the date as those within the Castle would try to have you believe. The issue is of a far greater threat to they that dwells within the walls of their self built fortress built by the way upon the souls of despair on the bones of the families and people they have plundered. All under the noses of our Judicial Structure. A structure who have begun a genocide and continue to this day to continue such. The problem with genocider`s is that they must always expand their market as they extinguish the customer base. In Australia Judicial Genocide has now spread away from the original Australian where it has been very successful into the wider mainstream community. Into the wealth pot of the ageing middle classes, into the retirement village industries into the health care industry. Be careful as you to could become a victim of this spreading plague of vultures.

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