The sewer is leaking.

As always an old bucket of rotten apples always leaks from the bottom. The apples at the top begin to rot and over a short period of time the rot oozes from the bottom. A simple fact of nature discovered by that wonderful Scientist Galileo, yes shit runs down hill, but remember it always starts at the top of the hill. For years I have asked for quality control in the legal profession and for years those requests have been ignored. Reason it would make those at the top of the hill accountable and the faeces that flows down the hill would not infect us all. Thank you Herald Sun for telling us about the fraud and crime oozing from the bottom of the barrel, now please can you also tell us about who the turds are at the top of the barrel and why this is being kept a big secret.  herald sun 23 06 2019 a herald sun 23 06 2019 b