The Australian Judicial system, The Spiders Web.

The Spiders Web

The Australian Judicial Spider

Australia is one nation but it`s citizens are bound under eight separate jurisdiction just as the eight legs of the spider. At its head sits the Federal Parliament who determines how this dastardly beast weaves its legislative web.

We have recently seen a large number of issues arise that have required expensive and time consuming Royal Commissions and parliamentary inquiries into the disasters that are hurting our families, our communities and our nation as a whole. These inquiries spout forth numerous recommendations which if implemented with integrity could halt the decay and allow us to rebuild. The inquiries and Royal Commissions have investigated:  The abuse of our children in Institutions. The abuse of our citizens by our banks and the financial services industry. The Inadequacies of the family court of Australia.  The disaster that is ongoing in the building industry.   The fiasco between Nicola Gobbo and the Victorian Police.  The robbery of our main water resource along the Murray Darling basin.  The reform of our Inheritance laws, just to name a few.

In every investigation a failure of those with the power to act upon the warning signs screamed from the roof tops by the victims has been identified as the root cause of the problem. Those with that power are the regulators and the courts. The people who run those regulators and courts are the lawyers.

We as a nation have a very serious problem with regards to the culture of hubris that is ingrained within this vital profession. The profession itself is self-regulating, that is each state and territory has its own legal regulator that is formed from the legal profession. When a consumer brings a complaint to one of these bodies they find that instead of the complaint being investigated the regulator will focus on how to dismiss the complaint. Note when making a complaint to one of these institutions it is advisable to record everything because they do have the capacity to create stories about your behaviour that can lead to criminal charges being bought against you. If this happens you have very little chance of success as who would believe that people of good character could tell lies and getting a court to believe you is harder than entangling the web that traps a fly. A persistent consumer can take the complaint to the Ombudsman, another lawyer, and then to the Attorney General another lawyer.  After discovering this dysfunctional system the consumer is directed by this cartel to go and hire a lawyer.

Any naive person may think that this advice has credence and will then be drawn into the vortex of litigation. In this vortex they will discover the invisible web the spider has woven, a web called justice that traps them as if they were a fly to be bled by the spiders offspring the lawyers in an endless game of delay, incompetence and legal argument that is built upon the science of stupid which defies common sense apart from feeding the financial interests of the vested interest.

The Lawyer cartel monopolises legislative reform by: Doctoring the recommendations of the investigative process in favour of the vested interest prior to them being formed into legislation. Interpreting that legislation in the courts. Administrating that legislation during an expensive and drawn out court process.

This makes it impossible for the citizens, families and communities of Australia to realise any positive change. To understand how this mess has evolved one needs to revisit the origins of white settlement in Australia on 18th to 22nd January 1888. This settlement was established as a penal colony under maritime law; the white settlers were formed of two classes of people, the convicts collected from the most oppressed inhabitants of Great Briton and the Naval component who ran the prison. The original peoples were ignored as the land was declared Terra Nullius, that is no original peoples and no treaty was formed between those peoples and the invaders. A systemic genocide was carried out upon those peoples with the spread of disease and the use of military techniques, the basic principles of humanitarian law were non-existent and respect for family and community within the legal structure of the colony were not recognised.

Unfortunately this is the seed from which Australia was formed and is very much alive and affecting all of the people who currently live in this nation.

The legislative structure and the legal profession who control the nation remain unaccountable through a self-regulatory system that has allowed them to ignore the consumer rights of the people who pay them for their services.

The culture of this legal spider needs to be obliterated and replaced by a culture that respects our families and our communities by ingraining these humanitarian principles into our laws. The regulators of the practitioners of law need to be independent of the legal profession and only by changing this culture will the regulatory system within Australian begin to work for the citizens of this nation.

I have included a piece of writing by Corky Edwards which is an apt description of how the situation really is.

This describes how the threat by Vic Roads to desecrate a sacred area continues right up until this very second in time.

Colonial violence continues.

Djab Wurrung people declare “these are our ancestor trees”. Violent settlers declare they will burn their ancestors, just like they did before. And so they did.

Nothing has changed.

The absolute disrespect, contempt, and even downright hatred of Aboriginal people in this colony is undeniable and palpable. If they hate us, they don’t have to feel anything about their treatment of us. If they hate us, they can blame us.

Yes all of you.

Colonisers love to absolve themselves of responsibility for the past and current wrongdoings of this colony. Whether denying any wrongdoings completely by making up a fake race of pygmies, saying “every country has been invaded” like post-Tudor colonisation is the same as the Romans or Vikings coming and going over time and leaving England to the English. Or, whether they do the old “I’m not responsible for what happened hundreds of years ago”. They all wash their hands of it. All the while tying the blindfold tighter so as to not see what they themselves are treading on.

They happily perpetuate colonialism by forcing colonial rule on us and browbeating us for not being happy about it, and then say “wasn’t me!”. Trying to force us to exist in this colony just like they do, fit this capitalist system, give up our rights to our land, our way of life, our rights to be how we are and have always been is EXACTLY WHAT THEIR ANCESTORS DID and makes them just as bad, Worse, because they have the privilege of hindsight. They can see the damage colonialism did to us and they still want to force it onto us. So yes you, all of you, You, Are, Responsible. Deal with it. Or as they so eloquently love to put it, “get over it”.

They also love to confuse ancestor worship for patriotism, yelling “PEOPLE DIED FOR THAT FLAG/SONG” and then ignore their own grandma in a nursing home. They have no idea what love for ancestors even means. They just use it as a guise for white nationalism, to boss blackies around like the good old days. So any connection we have to ancestors is just too foreign. They don’t even care about the ones that are still alive.

Our ways aren’t based on materialism. Our spirituality isn’t selfish. So it’s all gibberish nonsense to them, our ways backwards and silly. Get with the times, they reckon. So they climb all over it and wear it down, spitting on us in the process. They debate it with an all-white panel on morning TV. They post polls on Facebook and leave all the racist comments up like we aren’t actual people and are just a simple matter of opinion like whether you keep sauce in the fridge or not. They burn it down, with no billions of dollars of donations in 24 hours. They bulldoze it to save 2 minutes of driving and a few minor alterations to the plans.

Our story means nothing. We mean nothing. We are nothing. Because what we have can’t be measured in gold bullion, unless it’s underground. Then they can declare a fake national emergency of child endangerment and send in the army to tear our communities apart to get to our land and sell it to their mining company donors on 99 year leases. Don’t worry if they spend millions and a decade looking and find nothing in the Intervention act, they still got the land. And please ignore the same man who called the emergency on “child sex rings” giving a glowing character reference to a convicted child rapist for his sentencing hearing, Completely fine and normal and not indicative of anything suspicious at all.

This colony is a racist place. Always was and always will be. You can’t build a house out of shit and expect it not to stink.

Don’t play with fire with a people who have been using fire since before the white gene even mutated. We ARE the fire.…/ancestor-tree-fire-suspected-arson…

(•You can come and you can cry to me about how it’s not you. But it is. If you’re crying to me instead of doing something to fight for us, it is. If you’re not actively supporting us, it is. If your feelings are hurt, it is. You want to prove it isn’t? Go fix our reef. Go fight for our trees. Go fight for our rock. Go fight the people who say disgusting things about us instead of fighting against me. Use your actions to prove it. I don’t need you to tell me about it. That’s making the action more about how you look than about who you’re doing it for, which makes it selfish and pointless. Just go do it.

•And if you want to come fight me about this because you’re angry, prepare to just be laughed at. You can’t hurt my feelings, honey. I’ve been doing this for too long for anything you could say or do to be new or significant. Don’t embarrass yourself.)

Please support the Djab Wurrung Heritage Protection Embassy and get out to the front lines if you can.

*these words are my own and do not represent the Djab Wurrung people, or any other organisation or people.

Example of how this spider forms its web.

Code for how the lawyers manipulate the formation of new legislation even before it is written.

W Justo President Law Society of Tasmania. From 2018 annual report.

At a national level, the Law Society is engaging with the Law Council of Australia in making representations to our federal politicians regarding the future of the Federal and Family Courts, and in particular the Family Court as a stand-alone court. The impact of the proposed changes cannot be understated. It should remain a serious concern to all practitioners and indeed all Australians and I urge members to use any influence that they can bring to bear on Federal members of Parliament to make their feelings known. Although I have brought specific attention to those matters particularly affecting the members of the Profession themselves in their practices, we have continued to have a good relationship with the media and have spoken on a wide range of topics relating to rule of law matters and matters of interest to the public in general. Indeed, so much so that certain members of the media felt that it was completely alright to phone me for an interview about a bail reform paper put forward by the Government at 9:00 am on New Years morning! Nonetheless, I have taken the view that we do not need to express our thoughts on every matter. Indeed, I believe that sometimes our message may get lost if we do so and that it may be wise to confine our comments to matters of particular importance to the rule of law and the interest of our members. In saying that in no way do I seek to bind my successors in that view. 

W Justo President Law Society of Tasmainia.

Thank you for reading, please share and one day soon we will have a film that will convince us all to make our politicians work for us and build a completely different legal system that does not permit lawyers to rob families but instead to care for those people who are vulnerable at a moment in time.


Eviction Notice to protectors of 500 year old Sacred Birthing Trees Western Highway.

One has to ask under what Power does NIGEL POWERS have the power to order this eviction.

Is this the power of the law of the land issued by a court of law or is it the power of the law of money issued by a corporation? Not that it will make a difference in the end, as one hand washes the other with the blood of the families and communities they exploit, but it is a dangerous move by the Victorian State Government towards the final solution.

Nigel is currently the Manager Operations – South Western Victoria for VicRoads and leads the maintenance, management and improvement of the road network in this part of the state. He has over 15 years experience with bridges and structures and has fulfilled various roles including the planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of bridges and other road structures.

Nigel has a passion for bridges which has led to roles on the Austroads Bridge Task Force and the Standards Australia Committee reviewing AS5100 – Australian Bridge Design Code. He also has a passion for working with academia to further research in the industry which has led partnering with various Universities to undertake research on bridge maintenance, management and rehabilitation. In 2014 Nigel formed the Australian branch of IABMAS and is the founding President.