Protectors of the Sacred Birthing Trees on the Western Highway.

Sacred Land Sacred Trees: Spirit robbers

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Sacred Land Sacred Trees Western Highway

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On Wednesday the 21st of August the police will evict the people who are currently defending the sacred land and the sacred trees on the Western Highway in Victoria unless we all act.

This will make way for the foriegn owned construction company Cimic to begin cutting down 800 year old birthing trees and drive a scar through the landscape enabling the destruction of a 50,000 year old culture that has been occurring in Australia for the past 230 years.

This is a copy of a letter sent to Sussan Ley The Minister for the Environment and the other relevant Ministers in the Federal and State Government of Victoria who have the power to stop this sacrilege.

We urge you to engage in the defense of the spirit of our land by writing to these powerful people and as a last resort come with us to Ararat and stop this outrage.

To The Hon Sussan Ley 15 08 2019 Minister for the Environment.   (Ref MS 19-000478  16 July 2019.) Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Dear Sussan

I am writing to you, with regards to your decision to approve the go ahead for the Western Highway Project in Victoria. This decision will result in another act of spiritual desecration approved by Australian Governments.

I have read through your decision which does not consider:

  • The significance of the spiritual connection to land and country of this very special part of Victoria. Having been born in Nigeria, you are aware of the strength that connection creates for the soul of a nation, through its people via the spirit of place.
  • The area under consideration has a connection to a 50,000 year old cultural history, the oldest living culture on earth. The cultural significance of the area connects to the origins of civilised human development, the birth, the development and health of the new born baby and mother.

“The pregnant princess is the signifier of the meaning of the land; women came from all over the country to give birth here with the aid of other women experienced in the arts of birthing and birthing medicine” 

  • It is fact that the origin from which all human spirituality has grown from. Refer to Adam and Eve, Mary and Joseph, The pregnant Budda, Shiva.                                                                Not to mention that a man came to Mohamed and asked him three times who he shall respect, Mohamed replied, The Mother, The Mother, The Mother!

The decision has been made on the basis that it will save lives? Refer Reasons for Decision 6.7.

  • Have you asked yourself how many lives will be improved and saved by investing the $750 million allocated for this road into developing the social fabric of the local communities by funding land revegetation programmes, small business infrastructure, tourism and local value added industries?
  • Regional Victoria is suffering an unemployment crisis, where the youth of the area are being infected by a drug epidemic which is resulting in an increase in the incarceration rates to our prisons.
  • The Victorian government has recently allocated an additional $1.4 billion to build a new jail which will also cost $100,000 per inmate per year to run and unfortunately there will be a recodification rate of at least 40%.

Common sense tells us that if the money allocated to road and prison building, the greater proportion of which will fall into the hands of large foreign owned corporations, were instead diverted to land reclamation and tree planting the area would become more drought resistant and even more attractive for people to visit and live in.

  • This would lead to the growth of the local economy and engage the people who live there in constructive activity. The result would be an overall improvement of the physical and mental health of the community thus saving lives.

Vic Roads have used the rational that the road is unsafe by utilising statistics of road trauma.

  • Has there been any study done to ascertain if there is a correlation between this road trauma and the state of mental health of the drivers involved in the trauma. 
  • I would dare to point out that if the road trauma is being created by deliberate suicide or excessive drug and alcohol use by people who are depressed from not having a job then no matter how much money Vic Roads spends on a multilane highway no lives will be saved.

So significant is this issue that it has now been reported in the New York Times.  I have taken what is a relevant quote from the article for your information.

“That has made the church analogy particularly apt for supporters. After a fire devastated Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris in April, some commentators pointed out that the potential destruction of the Djab Wurrung trees — some of which are just as old as Notre-Dame and also hold deep cultural importance — had not prompted a similar outpouring of grief.”

The decision to allow Vic Roads to run a four lane highway through an indigenous sacred place that forms the basis for human life makes a mockery of:

  • The Federal Government in its dealing with the Uluru Statement from the Heart’s call to give Indigenous Australians greater ability to shape their destinies.
  • The Victorian Governments Treaty process in which the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs states “Victoria is leading the nation in negotiating treaty with its First Peoples as part of its pledge to progress self-determination.”

It will only reinforce in the minds of those who are informed observers of the behaviours of various governments in Australia that they are only focused on the vested interest (The money) and are disrespecting the families and communities that form this nation and to whom they are accountable.

If the work does proceed, the tree felling occurs and the bulldozers go in, it will destroy the positive work that has been done over the past few years towards reconciliation and will return  us all to a very dark place.

I urge you to reconsider your decision and obtain more information from people who are far better informed than those currently advising you, the sacred land will be preserved and we will live happily ever after.

I can be contacted on 0401416305 if you require further discussion.

Best Wishes. Diarmuid Hannigan.

The contact details are listed below.

To Scott Morrison. The Prime Minister

Dear Scott.

I have attached a letter to Sussan Ley the Federal Minister for the Environment and copied it to the relevant Federal and Victorian Ministers. Please can you all work together to save this area from an act of obscene desecration and prevent an act of senseless barbaric destruction. Join with David and stop the Philistines from decimating a significant part of our 50,000 year old heritage.

Your involvement and the positions of power that you currently hold can achieve this end and will be of a significant positive contribution to the future cultural development of our nation through community collaboration.

The following Ministers have been sent a copy of my letter as they are the relevant people who have the capacity to work together and will achieve the required positive outcome.

I appreciate your involvement and look forward to a resolution.

Yours Sincerely

Diarmuid Hannigan.

Copy of relevant Victorian And Federal Ministers contacted.

Susan Ley. Minister for the environment

Scott Morrison. The Prime Minister

Ken Wyatt. Minister for Indigenous Australians

Michael Mccormack Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development 

Richard Wynne Minister for Planning

Jaala Pulford. Minister for Roads

Gavin Jennings. Minister for Aboriginal Affairs.

Daniel Andrews Premier of Victoria

Update on letter to Minister Sussan Ley.

Guess what as predicted they are all barricaded in their castle no response so I wrote another letter.

To The Hon Sussan Ley 11 09 2019 Minister for the Environment.    (Ref MS 19-000478  16 July 2019.) Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Dear Sussan

Thank you for speaking to Rafael Epstein on Radio National 774 last night about the Great Barrier Reef Outlook Report 2019, I must commend you on your sincerity and concern for our environment and am happy to see that the new medication of “Climate Change” proscribed by the spin doctors of Canberra is providing a far more positive outlook by our Minister for the Environment. After all that old medication “Global Warming’ involves a lot of exercise and is accompanied by a strict diet, whereas with “Climate Change” you can eat as much as you like lie on the beach and look at the last remaining fishes and still feel good about the world as nature takes its course.  

Yes taking those “Global Warming” pills requires you to work out on those basic elements of science and the laws of heat transfer, a little bit to “Complex” for an economist to absorb, the effect of heat absorption by those little bits of black carbon have whilst floating around that very thin and delicate meniscus, the atmosphere that brings us life on earth. Require a bit of advanced mathematics which fall out of the realm of the single dimensions of expansion and contraction, profit and loss and the interest rates going up or down. 

That is Angus Taylor`s department, The Minister of Energy and emissions reduction, an economist, a lawyer and a Roads Scholar, I was hoping to listen to a game of hot potato where the potato goes back and forth but instead we got hand ball where the ball went into Angus`s  hidden cupboard. 

I can see how the change of medication to “Climate Change “is helping you and Angus as we can all say the climate is changing and ignore the reasons for the change.

Now let me get back to the reason for my letter. After changing your medication and becoming so sincere about our environment. Going to the Great Barrier Reef, looking at the fishes and the coral, staying with the farmers on the north east coast of Queensland and finding some Australian Animals to enjoy Parliament house, hopefully they will be released to the wilds to spread the good news, have you had time to look at your decision with regards to the 800 year old sacred birthing trees on the Western Highway in Victoria. After all these trees are very much part of a 50,000 knowledge and cultural base that has cared for our environment which has worked.

I am sure you support the Federal Governments campaign to reduce family abuse and violence along with the Victorian Government and may like to reflect upon the following article.

DjabWurrung women are in an abusive relationship with Victoria’s government

I have quoted a piece of the article as I know you are a very busy person with many important things to do. It is written by Sissy Austin.

With the royal commission into family violence in mind, the “progressive” Andrews Labor government is well aware of what an unhealthy, abusive, controlling relationship is and the long-term impacts these actions have on people.

I am a DjabWurrung woman and I work in the family violence sector. When recently attending a training session, my mind subconsciously kept linking the feelings associated with an abusive relationship to those I now experience as a DjabWurrung woman fighting alongside my aunties, sisters, brothers and cousins to protect sacred country from destruction in the western district of Victoria.

As I sat in this training, I had this overwhelming realisation that we as DjabWurrung women were in an abusive relationship with the Andrews Labor government and within that moment I felt this chilling feeling.

In my analysis of this complex abusive relationship where consent is being manufactured through other related parties, I have also identified the honeymoon period, which is the Andrews Labor government’s current treaty agenda. The spoken words within treaty negotiations do not mirror the actions of this government, and this forces you to question the legitimacy of treaty negotiations and the government’s controlled self-determination agenda.

Not only are we as DjabWurrung women fighting for the protection of our country, but the journey of this fight is also bringing to the surface the truths of the manufactured consent the government obtains through its flawed processes and decision-making bodies. We have the Registered Aboriginal Parties, which is not truly representative of the community. We have an Aboriginal Corporation, which without consulting its own board or the people it claims to represent, has given the green light for the project. This is collusion and is creating division.

This is a violent tactic to ensure the grassroots voices of DjabWurrung women are suppressed, undervalued and unheard, leaving us with no other option than to rally in the streets and put our bodies on the frontline.

The DjabWurrung women do not consent to the Western Highway Duplication project ripping through our country without proper consultation and recognition of our rights as sovereign peoples.

We as DjabWurrung women are distressed about the eviction notice currently in place; we are distressed as our voices and our elders’ voices are going unheard; we will continue to call out the manufactured consent that the government is obtaining and we will stand united to protect what grounds us as sovereign women – country.”

I trust you will get back to me immediately it’s unfortunate that you have still not responded to my letter of 15/08/2019 and tell me you are not a party to this violence and the abuse of family cultural heritage and will make sure that area and those trees are not interfered with as part of your new found and sincere outlook for the environment. Keep on those “Climate Change” Pills and stay off the “Global Warming” ones, they do your head in.

Yours Sincerely

Diarmuid Hannigan.

I have had a closer look at all of this.

Vic Roads states 10 deaths on the road from 2011 to 2019 which is what Jacinta Allen keeps quoting but that is from Ballarat to Stawell when in fact on the 17 km stretch of road in debate there has been one death. Do not know what the deaths were attributed to, Alcohol, drugs suicide or road accidents, There are a lot of single car accidents involving one male driver that hits a tree in the country.

Currently, more than 5500 vehicles travel on the highway west of Ballarat each day, including 1500 trucks.

The cost of the proposed upgrade along the 17km section I understand is $75 million . The current 17 km of road could well do with a speed reduction from 100 km to 80 km due to the fact that the trucks have got a whole lot bigger over the past ten years, they are all double B`s The mathematics tell me that to travel the 17 km in question at 100kph will take 17/100=0.170 hrs to travel the 17 km at 80 kph will take 17/80=0.213 a difference of 0.213-0.17=0.043 hrs about three minutes. This means that if 5000 vehicles travel up and down the 17 km of road it will take an additional 0.043×5000 hrs per day = 215 hrs of driving time. If every car is driven by a person costing $60.00 per hour then the total maximum annual cost in wages would be $4.7 million dollars.

Assuming an interest rate of 3.5% the interest on $75 million per year = $2.6 million
The financial saving per year = $4.7 million-$2.6 million=$2.1 million per year hence requiring 75/2.1 years to recover the cost of building the road or 36 years. A very very long time in fact a return on investment of only 2.8%. Note this is the very best figure as we have assumed that all drivers are costing $60.00 per hour which is simply not the case and we have not factored in the fuel and wear and tear savings resulting from the lower speed limit.

If we took a more realistic approach and estimated that half of the car trips were driven by paid drivers then the saving by not lowering the speed limit would reduce to ($4.7/2) million = $2.35 million – $2.6 million = a loss of $0.25 million per year resulting in negative return on investment.

Would it not make more sense to utilise this $75 million in stimulating the local regional economy. I gather there is a prison in Ararat that costs the tax payer $100,000 per person per year and 40% of the inmates are recycled. Would it not be a better scenario to firstly create a system where less people were entering the Criminal justice system by having them engage in land redevelopment programs, ie tree planting and those who are incarcerated could also be involved. The result being they would learn new and useful skills and have a long term prospect of a job whilst at the same time helping to arrest environmental degradation. Further to this point is the fact that there is currently a significant number of indigenous people who are living in our jails who are incarcerated at 14 times the rate of the white population.

The final point I make is that when common sense is usurped it is done so by corruption.

My analysis was only based upon slowing the speed on the nominated section of road from 100km/hr to 80km/hr so as to lower the accident rate.

The sizes of the trucks have increased over the past ten years and the road was not designed to carry such large trucks at such a high speed. Simple solution is to slow the speed of the trucks down. The largest trucks used to be semi-trailers i.e. a prime mover and one trailer now they are B doubles a prime mover and two trailers.

This change in the size of trucks has been driven by a change in the structure of Australian Business. We purchase most of our consumables from overseas, which arrive in containers that go to large warehouses. The goods are then redistributed onto large trucks that deliver them to retail outlets owned by large corporate structures.

We used to produce our own consumables either at the point of consumption of within the country. These consumables were transported by lorry or by semi-trailer. The bulk transport was carried out on railway tracks. This system provided local jobs and a healthy locally owned business structure that provided benefit for the whole community.

This change in the structure of local business, perpetuated by both of Australia`s major political parties has caused a decline in the availability of employment opportunities, particularly for many younger people who become more dependent upon welfare.  One of the consequences of this malaise is the ever present threat of a growing narcotics industry and I do not mean a smoke under the gum tree. Ice Heroin and a wide selection of mind altering substances are being produced and are readily available to any vulnerable members of our community, particularly young unemployed people who live in country towns and are not actively involved in a constructive activity, IE WORK.

These young people become factory fodder for the criminal justice system, a highly sophisticated system that has developed within Australia over the past 230 years. It is the industry of people institutionalisation.

If you analyse the pathway to jail for a young person it is a very expensive and destructive road, for the person for their family and for the community. It takes a lot of time and effort to process a person for a stay in jail, many interactions with the police, many interactions with social workers and programs that are ineffective and underfunded many expensive interactions with the magistrate and the court. I would estimate that destructive pathway costs the taxpayer around $400,000 per person before they walk through the iron doors of the jail house. Once housed in the jail it costs another $100,000 per person per year.   A person sentenced for a three year minimum sentence has most likely cost the tax payer $700,000 by the time of their release from prison. The problem is that the recidivication rate in Australia is about 45%, better put a failure rate in the government provided product of criminal justice of 45% at a cost 0f $700,000 per unit.

There were 7,666 prisoners in the Victorian prison system on 30 June 2018. This represents an increase of 81.5 per cent on the 30 June 2008 figure of 4,223. An additional 3,443 people at $700,000 each = approximately 2.4 billion extra dollars which has also required the investment of another 1 billion dollars to build a new prison. Note at least $1.2 billion is wasted as 45% end up going back to jail.

The people who run the “Criminal Justice System” are the lawyers. They have a monopoly over the system with a very large sign on the castle gate that says;

“Go away peasants: All those not carrying the badge of (LLB) “Little Lying bandit” and equipped with wig and gown shall not enter.”

The small print below the sign says.

To enter the learned profession it is preferable that you attend our selected list of private schools in order to complete your degree in Arrogance prior to entering Law school. It is advisable that you attend an approved university residential college during your time at law school so as to bond with your brethren and as an added bonus you will be able to view the exam papers prior to the exams.

For those wishing to become a member of the court it is a prerequisite to have an approved learning difficulty or a defined personality disorder, we have special assistance in the form of prewritten exams to aid and assist you in achieving your dreams. 

It is of course essential that this system runs this way in order to keep the lawyer elite employed and to maintain the flow through of people to the institutionalisation industry.

Now what if we were to spend some of the money that is going to be wasted on this road on the social infrasture required to run a land reclamation system. We will need some utes and trailers, a few quadbikes with post hole diggers some fertilised soil and some plant tubes, a yard some boots, ect ect but not too hard. I gather prisoners are very cheap to employ when they are in jail? The naughty ones who are on Community directions orders can come along as well and help out.

I would suggest that at full tilt we could plant 30 trees per day per person, most prisoners are in their for drug related offenses which means there would be at least 4,000 people available to plant. At 30 units a day 4,000×30=120,000 per day = 600,000 per week, 150 trees million per year.  

I would bet the recidivation rates would decrease dramatically the number of people entering the criminal justice system would reduce dramatically, the damage that is currently being created by government incompetence in rural areas because of drug addiction would dramatically be reduced and a few prison guards, lawyers, and social workers would have to find a real job. Of course the shares in Sirco would drop and the politicians who support this current mess would have to go and find another street to beg on or just get out of business and let some honest people represent the communities who are crying out for good and honest government.

The Benefit cost ratio of this project as calculated by Major Road Projects Victoria is 0.5 which means the costs will outweigh the financial benefits.

The Environmental Effects Statement created by GHD who`s management structure is underpinned by the Executive Management Group (EMG), a team of senior executives empowered by the GHD board to plan, manage and lead our business, does not analyse the loss of any of the trees and does not take into account the damage the road will do to the ecology of the area. In other words an environmental effects statement is another lawyer trick to make it appear to the public that the environment has been considered in the appraisal, not so only the economic environment at a very limited level.

There is zero rational discussion with regards to the alternative solutions to the road and also alternative ways of spending the tax payer’s money. As stated above by allocating the funds to social projects there would be immediate benefits.

Considering the government has outlaid at least 3.4 billion dollars on incarceration of people over the past ten years without any success one would think it would make sense to put the money into land reclamation projects instead of cultural destruction projects.

By the way the funding for the cultural centre at Halls Gap has been cut from $500,000 per year down to $200,000 per year which means all this talk about benefits to aboriginal culture, tourist opportunities, back packers as laid out in the VicRoads Western Highway Project – Section 2: Beaufort to Ararat Economic Impact Assessment Report is just window dressing.

This is beside the value in the wisdom that is and can be imparted to the Australian people via this very special region that you are all protecting which is invaluable as it will bring about a cultural shift away from its brutal and adversarial roots towards a collaborative community based culture that respects family under a properly formed treaty process unlike the current Daniel Andrews lawyer concocted model.

Please put your shoulder to the wheel and help to stop this obscenity.

Former state MP Lidia Thorpe, who is a Djap Wurrung woman, has been at the protest tent embassy this week with her youngest daughter, aged 11. Some protestors have been camping there for more than a year and Thursday marks the two-week deadline to leave the site.

Thorpe likened the trees’ sacredness to that of the Notre Dame Cathedral in France, which went up in flames in April.

“The outcry over what happened to [Notre Dame] – a significant cultural, spiritual place that people feel they have a deep connection with – that’s how we feel,” she told Guardian Australia.

“This is a sacred place, this is like a church. This is our church. This is a place where we connect and heal and unite as a people. It’s a place where we talk to our ancestors. No one would ever think about destroying a church for a road.”

Some are “birthing trees” which local Aboriginal women have used as a place to give birth for an estimated 50 generations.

“It’s a part of us, it’s not just a tree. It’s an ancestor tree, it’s got a lot of knowledge,” she said.