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That miraculous moment of our own conception dictates our birth, our live and our death. It is an instant in time so critical to our being and statistically impossible when one considers the chances of the event even occurring and yet the truth is that we exist. Our life our family and our inheritance are all matters of extraordinary chance that has resulted from those infinitesimal events that stretch back thousands if not millions of years in time. If our for-bearers did not do what they did at an exact point in time multiplied from generation to generation and each particular situation in each of their lives, we would never have been born, would never have lived and would never have died. We would never have been part of a family, received inheritance, or needed a lawyer or any laws. From the moment we are born our lives are influenced by the law.
The socio-economic status of our parents has a determining influence upon our lives, it affects our health, our education and how we live our lives. Inheritance passed down through the ages from our family for-bearers is a key determinate of the socio-economic environment into which we are be born.

Family inheritance law

Family inheritance law has a critical influence upon how family inheritance is managed. When family inheritance is abused by the practitioners of family inheritance law, the value of the inheritance can be substantially reduced. This has had a major impact upon many of us as it is a predetermination for our socio-economic setting in life.
The value of family inheritance will determine the schools we attend, the suburbs we live in, the ability of our family to pay for critical intervention services during our lives, and the holidays we spend together with our family. It influences the lives of our children our grandchildren and our offspring for eternity.
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Wrong side of the tracks has identified the reality of class division in Australia and its real impact upon Australian Families. 

Family Matters

Refer to Family Matters No. 88, 2011
“The well-being of Australian families is affected by the resources they have available at present and anticipate will be available in the future (Saunders & Zhu, 2009). Part of that anticipation consists of expectations about what may be left to them by their parents. Those expectations matter. They make a difference to economic planning and to family harmony. They provide young generations with additional assets. They often bring out strong family feelings. In particular, expectations about appropriate and inappropriate inheritance arrangements can lead to misunderstanding, conflict and disharmony in the family.
People’s expectations are important also to researchers of family relations and values and to professionals who help people deal with their inheritance arrangements. Lawyers, counselors, public trustees, for instance, all are involved in helping people make appropriate decisions about bequests. The courts often become the final destination of conflicts that tear families apart, sometimes for several generations.”
Inheritance abuse is one of the drivers of this class division. The failure of our legal profession and a succession of liberal, labour, and conglomerate governments, both state and federal to address this abuse by the legal profession through tighter regulation of inheritance practitioners and nominated executors has and will continue to drive this class division of Australian Families.

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