Eviction Notice to protectors of 500 year old Sacred Birthing Trees Western Highway.

One has to ask under what Power does NIGEL POWERS have the power to order this eviction.

Is this the power of the law of the land issued by a court of law or is it the power of the law of money issued by a corporation? Not that it will make a difference in the end, as one hand washes the other with the blood of the families and communities they exploit, but it is a dangerous move by the Victorian State Government towards the final solution.

Nigel is currently the Manager Operations – South Western Victoria for VicRoads and leads the maintenance, management and improvement of the road network in this part of the state. He has over 15 years experience with bridges and structures and has fulfilled various roles including the planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of bridges and other road structures.

Nigel has a passion for bridges which has led to roles on the Austroads Bridge Task Force and the Standards Australia Committee reviewing AS5100 – Australian Bridge Design Code. He also has a passion for working with academia to further research in the industry which has led partnering with various Universities to undertake research on bridge maintenance, management and rehabilitation. In 2014 Nigel formed the Australian branch of IABMAS and is the founding President.


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