The lawyer robs the grave. They will even steal the shoes of the deceased..

Funeral Directors The start line for Grave Robbing in Australia Four Corners

Funeral Directors The start line for Grave Robbing in Australia.

Four corners has exposed that Funeral Directors are robbing the dead. I am not surprised and the exposure should be seen for what it is, all part of a culture of plunder. The dodgy practices exposed on Four corners can be seen as the introductory ticket to the death ride. It has already begun when one enters the retirement village a business made and controlled by the legal industry. Russell Kennedy are leaders in this industry, providing advise to retirement village owners consulting with government and writing standards, all of which appear to be causing problems, as is being shown by the need for a very expensive lawyer run Royal Commission into the aged care sector.

So when you die in the nursing home you are shipped out by the preferred supplier known in business circles as the biggest briber unknown to your family, hope they knew which rings you were wearing and whether or not they were returned. Lucky you didn’t die at home on the mattress where you kept your cash, because you never know what happens there. Or in a room where you kept your valuable possessions, after all you are dead and there is know body around to check on what went missing. In a land born of plunder it is no wonder the the regulator casts his eye asunder and refuses to hear the thunder or more like the screams and tears of the bereaved family at seeing this blatant abuse of their loved one.

Oh watch out for you bank account and those phoney charges, of course you need life insurance, and health insurance, you may all of a sudden come back to the living?

And there is that Time Bomb the will. Where is the will and who wrote it, oh no it was that friendly lawyer from the friendly charity who she or he would mention on visits and point to those lovely daisies nicked from the nearby cemetery on Monday Morning, it was always Monday morning when they came. Oh shit they changed the will, the new executor is Lawyer XYZ working for the worlds most friendly people the charitable children of love and care.

So soon we are now on the ride to hell, in and out of the supreme court at $10,000 a day for the man in the wig. He said to me “A good estate is one where the is nothing left for the beneficiaries to waste. What did he mean by that?”


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