The Community Collaborators bringing people together.

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The Community Collaborators is a project that will challenge the fabric of our adversarial legal system by setting the ground rules for cooperation at the community level and work from the ground up to establish a sense of order from the current chaos.

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The Community Collaborators has begun a number of initiatives to kick start the beginning of a new era through building our communities from the ground up. The initiatives are based upon the principals of cooperation and collaboration of all people and entities who exist within our communities. This includes residents, house owners, local governments, education facilities, business traders groups, the Judicial System, both the Federal and State Governments, The bankers as we are all people and we all need to come together and devote our energies towards our local communities.

We need to ensure there are local employment opportunities run by local business for the local people who live in our communities. The money they earn and any profits made by the businesses who employ them will be spent locally at a five times higher rate than when people are employed from outside of our communities by overseas operatives.

The big government spenders, that is Federal, State and local government need to be put under the microscope of transparency and required to become transparent in the way they allocate projects.

If we want to grow the tomato patch we must ensure it is cared for and fertilized by those who are responsible for it. Without Community Collaboration and Community participation, the tomato patch will always become vulnerable to an attack and when one awakes in the morning, there will be no tomatoes.

Unfortunately this scenario has been allowed to perpetuate within Australia over the last thirty years with the uncontested ideology of the economic rationalists who as any soothsayer preaching for its own benefit will create an illusion of benefit to its naive audience.

The team who made this container of cakes ready for shipment to Japan